Feb. 11th, 2009

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1) A couple times this past week, I've run into a student I had last semester while getting coffee between classes. She works at the campus eatery, and when I go up to the counter, her face totally lights up, and she says, "Hi professor!" When I leave the counter, she turns to her co-workers or to friends hanging around and says, "That was my English teacher from last semester!" It is lols and cute. I like her a lot. She asked me to write some sort of recommendation letter for her yesterday when I saw her, too.

2) I e-mailed a graduate student I taught a couple years ago to ask her how she's doing--how her conference presentation last month went, how she's finding teaching in the program for the first time this semester, and what progress she's making on her master's essay. I really just wanted to catch up and see how she's doing. She sent back a blank e-mail with her master's essay proposal attached. I guess she thought I wanted the proposal? But didn't respond to anything in my e-mail itself? (I didn't ask for the proposal....)

3) After the literatures of American imprisonment class today, a student came up after everyone had left and asked if we would be reading pretty much the same kind of stuff we've read this past week for the rest of the semester. I ran through the syllabus with her again, explaining the different kinds of writing we would cover. Then I asked her what she REALLY meant and what concerns she had with the reading. She said she was worried the readings might include graphic descriptions of sexual assault. I told her I'd warn her in advance if any of the readings had such depictions. I suppose this means I should read the assigned material in advance....


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