Jan. 31st, 2009

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Oh, how the postal service fails me! I dropped off applications on Friday for a couple of postdocs that were postmark-due on the 30th. I got back home today to find the envelopes at my doorstep. Apparently the postage rate for priority mail has gone up since the fall when I bought stamps for the flat-rate envelopes. Sigh. I guess I just have to hope the postdoc people will still consider my applications if I drop them off on Monday. I really should've had them postmarked in front of me at the service windows, but the line, unsurprisingly, was out the door when I went by the post office. At least these were the last two applications I plan on sending out this year. Thank goodness that whole rigamarole is over.

It is a bit icy on the sidewalks this evening. The daytime high reached something outrageous like 45 degrees, and the world looked quite wet and melty. I hope I don't fall when I take the dog out in a bit.

The semester starts for me on Monday.

I got two new tires for my car yesterday evening (after stopping at the post office). One tire had a slow leak that lead to some sidewall damage. I've been dropping a lot of money on the car lately.

I got a small ICEE just now, and it is wonderful.


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